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Feb 5th, 2024

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New single with Sonna Rele on all major platforms coming May 19th.


“Mike Di Lorenzo and Sonna Rele came up with an incredibly gorgeous new song and I’m not going to lie, I am already losing control with this fresh and addictive tune. Filled with Rele's mesmerizingly soothing voice and Di Lorenzo's distinct soulful musical style, it is a complete package.”

“Mike is a New York-based keyboardist and composer who has come up with a new song in collaboration with London-based YouTuber / singer sensation Sonna Rele, well known for her song “Strong” in the 2015 movie “Cinderella”. The song has the freshness of contemporary R&B and the soulful voice of Sonna which makes it play on repeat.”

“Sonna and Mike have previously worked together in 2022 on his album called What We Need in which Rele was featured in two songs. It is no surprise that this dynamic duo is back again to fill up 2023 with its enigmatic vibe and grooving music. I wouldn't be lying to say that this new song is even more addictive than their previous collaborative work.”

“Don't forget to give it a listen as "Lose Control" is releasing on 19th May 2023.”

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Soothing and soulful vocals direct with an emotional intent and multiple layers of delicacy on Mike Di Lorenzo’s and Anna Moore’s uniquely written works, the self-aware soulful single "What We Need" will make you feel deeply attuned to the narrative of this track.

Beautifully crafted, with a beautifully flowy-form melody than most songs, fusing that soulful RnB meander with a more soulful comforting structure for something that essentially delivers the best of both worlds with “What We Need.”


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Someone, grab a fire hose because Mike Di Lorenzo’s new cover featuring Sonna Rele is on fire.

Jaw-Dropping Radio

Fall in Love with Unforgettable Music

However, on June 3, 2022, Mike Di Lorenzo unleashed arguably one of the hottest covers for the tune.

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A Passionate Musician

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Music Now

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2022 presents a series of new releases

This past year has given me the opportunity to work with some incredible artists. They are all appearing on new upcoming releases scheduled in the first half of 2022. It ranges from contemporary urban, progressive R&B to light contemporary/smooth jazz. I was honored to work with such outstanding artists as Sonna Rele, Anna MooreJoel Kibble, CaiNo, Denise Stewart and Frank Elmo.

This was a lot of fun working with everyone from start to finish with special thanks to both Frank and Anna for their extra support and inspiration.

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