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Soulful Synergy: Mike Di Lorenzo and Sonna Rele Mesmerize in “Lose Control (Radio Edit)”


August 25, 2023

In a sphere where musical ingenuity converges with emotional resonance, the collaborative forces of Mike Di Lorenzo, the adept New York-based keyboardist and composer, and the London-based vocal luminary Sonna Rele, renowned for her enchanting rendition of the theme song “Strong” in Disney’s 2015 cinematic gem “Cinderella,” have yielded a remarkable creation. Their latest opus, the “Lose Control (Radio Edit),” emerges as a poignant iteration stemming from Di Lorenzo’s original album “Play It Cool.” This single stands as a testament to their artistic aptitude and serves as a resplendent vessel for Sonna Rele’s exquisite vocal prowess.

At its core, “Lose Control (Radio Edit)” epitomizes the harmonious union of organic, soul-infused Jazz and the timeless cadence of R&B. Mike Di Lorenzo, a maestro in his own right, crafts an arrangement that is not merely a confluence of notes, but rather a reverberating tapestry of sentiments. The composition rides atop a subtle yet persistent mid-tempo rhythm, an undercurrent that propels the listener through a musical journey.

Complementing this rhythmic foundation are the resplendent keystrokes of the piano, the mellifluous embrace of basslines, and the tasteful embellishments of understated horn sections. These components meld seamlessly, fashioning an auditory panorama upon which Sonna Rele’s emotive vocal narrative takes center stage.

Sonna Rele, whose vocal prowess knows no bounds, gifts “Lose Control (Radio Edit)” with an emotional range that transcends the confines of technical excellence. Hers is a voice that resonates with an ephemeral quality, a blend of tradition and innovation. The dichotomy between old-school classicism and modern-day vibrancy finds its equilibrium within her versatile delivery.

As the melody unfurls, Sonna Rele’s vocal artistry navigates the crests and troughs of emotion, effortlessly juxtaposing vulnerability with strength, desire with longing. It is a performance that attests to her mastery of the craft, an embodiment of the synergy between past and present.

Within the cadence of “Lose Control (Radio Edit),” one finds an arresting confluence of elements, where Mike Di Lorenzo’s compositional acumen intertwines with Sonna Rele’s vocal finesse. This dynamic fusion results in a sonic masterpiece that encapsulates both dynamism and restraint. As each note reverberates, as every lyric resonates, the listener becomes an unwitting participant in the musical narrative—a narrative that traverses the expanse of human sentiment.

Mike Di Lorenzo, an architect of musical brilliance, has consistently etched his name upon the grand tapestry of the musical landscape. His repertoire is adorned with instances of collaborative marvels, sterling performances, and resonant compositions.

“Lose Control (Radio Edit)” merely adds to this splendid legacy, reaffirming his status as a transcendent figure straddling genres with finesse and innovation. He emerges not just as an instrumentalist or composer, but as a storyteller who wields notes and chords to paint narratives upon the canvas of sound.

In culmination, “Lose Control (Radio Edit)” beckons the listener to relinquish restraint and embrace the undulating waves of emotion. Mike Di Lorenzo and Sonna Rele, two luminaries in their own spheres, have woven a spellbinding tale of musical synergy.

As the harmonies dissipate and the final notes linger, one is left with an indelible truth: that within the realms of R&B, Jazz, and Soul, their collaboration stands as a shimmering testament to the boundless possibilities of sonic expression.


"Lose Control" with SONNA RELE
Mike Di Lorenzo

"I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for sharing your song with me. I must say that I am thoroughly impressed. The groove in the track is undeniably great, the synths are absolutely amazing, and the vocals are recorded nicely and sound fantastic. The groove in your song is infectious. 

The rhythmic elements and the interplay between different instruments create a captivating and irresistible energy. It's evident that you have a strong sense of rhythm and know how to craft a solid foundation that keeps the music flowing and engages the listener from start to finish. The synths in the track are truly remarkable.

The sounds you've chosen and the way you've arranged them add depth, texture, and a sense of space to the music. They provide a captivating atmosphere and enhance the overall sonic experience, taking the song to another level."

Brunch Collect [Lofi Hiphop/ Chillhop/ Boombap/ Jazzhop/ Disco House]

"Lose Control"
    Sonna Rele 

“Mike Di Lorenzo and Sonna Rele came up with an incredibly gorgeous new song and I’m not going to lie, I am already losing control with this fresh and addictive tune. Filled with Rele's mesmerizingly soothing voice and Di Lorenzo's distinct soulful musical style, it is a complete package.”

“Mike is a New York-based keyboardist and composer who has come up with a new song in collaboration with London-based YouTuber / singer sensation Sonna Rele, well known for her song “Strong” in the 2015 movie “Cinderella”. The song has the freshness of contemporary R&B and the soulful voice of Sonna which makes it play on repeat.”

“Sonna and Mike have previously worked together in 2022 on his album called What We Need in which Rele was featured in two songs. It is no surprise that this dynamic duo is back again to fill up 2023 with its enigmatic vibe and grooving music. I wouldn't be lying to say that this new song is even more addictive than their previous collaborative work.”

“Don't forget to give it a listen as "Lose Control" is releasing on 19th May 2023.”

Holding All My Love - feat. Anna Moore

Mike Di Lorenzo – ‘Holding All My Love’ ft. Anna Moore is both nostalgic and forward thinking! – TunedLoud


Mike Di Lorenzo’s latest single “Holding All My Love” featuring Anna Moore, is a bold and brilliant homage to the golden era of 90’s R&B, pop, and dance. From the very first note, this track will transport you back to a time when music was cool, edgy, and soulful all at once. It’s a perfect modern throwback that manages to capture the essence of the genre’s heyday while adding its own distinctive twist. One of the standout elements of this track is its production, which is both stylish and slick. The beat is crisp and clean, the melody is catchy and infectious, and the textures are broad and rich. It’s a perfect showcase for Mike Di Lorenzo’s impeccable composition and playing skills, which have been honed over years of experience in the music industry.


And what really sets “Holding All My Love” apart is Anna Moore’s stunning vocal performance. With a voice that’s dazzlingly beautiful and soulful to the core, Moore injects every note with raw emotion that cuts straight to the heart. Her delivery is pitch-perfect and her timing is impeccable, creating a sense of intimacy and vulnerability that’s impossible to resist.


Her voice is filled with passion, her distinctive satiny grit, wringing the sentiment from every single word, without ever overwhelming. Naturally, Anna Moore’s smooth, clear-as-a-bell voice matches well with the silky-smooth production.


For all its throwback vibes, there’s something undeniably fresh and cutting-edge about “Holding All My Love.” Mike Di Lorenzo’s musical magic pours its groove out of every single nook and cranny of the track, infusing it with an enchanting vibe that’s impossible to resist.


It’s this sophisticated groove, that serves as the perfect framing device for Anna’s vocalizations and lyricism, which are nothing short of breathtaking. The basslines bounce with effervescent buoyancy, the keys shimmer and slide, while the percussion elegantly drive the momentum. The result is a vibrant palette, both seductive and uplifting.


“Holding All My Love” is a wonderfully breathy and sultry song, which builds smartly in the chorus and allows Mike Di Lorenzo to add and subtract instruments to manipulate the nuance of the song during its varying segments.


The song is a precision-crafted tour de force, with Mike focused in on his intent to present Anna Moore’s vocal talent not just as viable, but as undeniable. Which is no surprise, considering Mike’s most recent 2022 album “What We Need” also featured Anna Moore, on the title track and other songs.


The album “What We Need” also showed off world-class pop singer and media sensation Sonna Rele, Multi-Grammy Award-winning artist Joel Kibble of the vocal group Take 6, along with exceptional contributions from vocalists Denise Stewart, CaiNo with Frank Elmo on saxophone.


The album has placed 4 tracks in the top ten Smooth Jazz Global Listener Countdown (the world’s only smooth jazz singles chart decided by listeners), including the title track sitting at #1 for 3 consecutive weeks.


All in all, Mike Di Lorenzo and Anna Moore have created something truly special with “Holding All My Love.” It’s a timeless sound that people still love to this very day, and with good reason. The song manages to be both nostalgic and forward thinking at the same time. With its gorgeous grooves, emotional lyricism, and unforgettable vocal performance, “Holding All My Love” is a must-listen for anyone who loves great music.


Leaf Pattern Design
Neutral Beige Simple Minimalist Plain Text Block Instagram Story (2).jpg


By fusing 90s RnB with his signature jazz soul textures, producer Mike Di Lorenzo and vocalist, Anna Moore created a sonic nostalgia atom bomb which ignited through the contemporary bold stylings with their latest single, Holding All My Love.

With the hooks sharpened by the pop elements and the grooves riding through the dance licks, few tracks are as efficacious in their ability to make you move and feel in the same funk-dripping breath. The instrumentals are just as passion-slicked as the vocal lines that wrap around the lyrics, which prove that instant gratification can never match the real thing.

After the success of his charting 2022 album, What We Need, which also featured the resolvingly impassioned vocal lines from Anna Moore, Mike Di Lorenzo is right back in the Grammy-worthy groove with Holding All My love.

Holding All My Love will officially release on March 24th. Hear it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

A&R FActory

White Structure

Holding All My Love - feat. Anna Moore

"If you’re looking for comparisons to what a song like this one sounds like, I’d

readily be pointing directly to key names of the early 90s like Lisa Stansfield or even CeCe Peniston."


"This new single from Di Lorenzo, coming out this March 24th, was co-written by

Anna Moore, who gives a brilliant performance with her vocals on this track. 

Stylish, slick, bold and radiantly beautiful – she’s a perfect fit into the jazzy groove that Mike’s created on his keyboards and through the production on “Holding All My Love.”  Everything seems to fit seamlessly, and as a result, the fluidity of this single has the two of these superstars moving in tandem on a unified front – when it comes to what you’ll hear on “Holding All My Love,” I don’t think any of us could have asked them for anything more than exactly what we get." 


"This will fit out there on the playlists of people around the globe, and there are plenty of spaces online & on the radio that would love to have something new that reminds them of the vibes they grew up on.  If it helps, you could cite other names like Sophie B. Hawkins, Vanessa Williams, or even a titan of the industry like Madonna herself when it comes to Anna’s vocals just past the 2:10 mark when she leans in to whisper to ya. 

Moore’s keeping excellent company with a timeless sound that people still love to this very day.  It’s possible that a track like this might actually be ahead of that next wave of Pop/R&B."


"I dig the throwback vibe, and I maintain that it’s every bit as relevant now as it ever was, with a happy home found on the playlists of millions of listeners around the globe; they’ll love to add this tune into the mix."



IMG_0548 (1).jpg

"Time After Time" featuring Joel Kibble of Take 6

"Mike Di Lorenzo is a New York-based pianist with a bright career behind him (and an equally bright future ahead). He boasts prestigious collaborations and musical excursions in various genres. Since 2005 he has released four albums in his name and who knows how many other releases as a side man. The song Time After Time refers to the great tradition of jazz orchestras with singers and does not have a single fragile point, It flows pleasantly like the whole album which tastefully blends different musical trends. The songs contained in the album were composed together with Anna Moore. Wonderful work!"



June 18, 2022

“What We Need” is the newest album from keyboardist and producer Mike Di Lorenzo and a long-awaited follow-up to his 2011 record “Bring it Back”. This project marks a significant change of pace in Mike’s predominately instrumental approach to his albums (save for the songs featuring vocalist Norman Durham on “Bring it Back”) as every track on it is vocal-based. With his years-long knowledge and experience in the music world, Mike was able to reach out to artists like singer/rapper CaiNo, R&B singer/songwriter Anna Moore, UK popstar Sonna Rele, jazz/soul singer Denise Stewart and Joel Kibble of the iconic (and childhood-defining for me) acapella group Take 6. The end result is a truly gratifying listening experience that not only highlights Mike’s skills in composing superb, mood-inducing music but showcases a few voices in the adult contemporary R&B , jazz, soul and pop worlds well-deserving of greater attention.


Kicking things off, we have “Island Breeze”, an absolute highlight on the record due to its irresistible blend of laid-back keyboards and horns, heavenly vocalizing from Sonna Rele, an incredibly catchy hook from CaiNo and even a brief, light-hearted rap from him as well.  Following this, we have “Let’s Make Our Love Last” where Anna Moore – who appears on half of the album’s 12 tracks – takes us from the beach setting of the previous song and into a lounge bar and café, treating us to a lyrical call to action to a prospective love interest to hook up with her. Then we get the mid-tempo “Guess Who I Saw Today”, where Denise Stewart makes her sole appearance on the album stand out with her silky smooth vocals which sound ever so elegant over Mike’s jazzy, 90s-inspired breakbeat-laced production.


On the aptly-titled “Girls Talk”, Sonna comes through with a delightful anthem for the ladies, chock full of topics she finds pleasure in conversing with her girlfriends about that, more than likely, WILL fly over men’s heads. Obviously, women will enjoy this song more than men, but that’s not to say men won’t be able to appreciate its warm production and pleasant vocals. The title track performed by Anna feels like a thematic continuation of the ‘missed opportunity’ theme of “Let’s Make Our Love Last”. Here, she broadens her scope from a second chance at love to a fruitful life, with a greater emphasis on the things she actually needs over what she constantly desires. “What We Need” is easily one of the album’s best tracks, thanks in part to its life-affirming message and instrumentation. The song “Time after Time” is yet another album highlight, with its lush, cinematic soundscape and STELLAR performance from Joel Kibble, both of which beautifully evoke the blissful style and sound of late 80s to early 90s R&B and jazz ballads.


The second half of the album kicks off with “Speak Low”, where Anna compliments Mike’s nocturnal production with some sultry, quiet storm-inspired vocals. Afterwards, the tracklist takes an unexpected turn with Sonna’s smoothed-out, R&B/jazz cover of the Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez duet “We Don’t Talk Anymore”. Though I wasn’t keen on the outro where her pre-chorus vocals sounded out of sync with the closing keyboard melody (perhaps this was meant to emphasize the emotional confusion she feels at this point), Sonna successfully managed to do justice to such a beloved song. Even CaiNo gets a crack at covering a Billboard Top 100 song near the end of the album, with his selection being DJ Snake and Justin Bieber’s (Ahh, the irony of placing a Justin Bieber song AFTER a Selena Gomez song in this tracklist) smash hit “Let Me Love You”. Mike’s approach to the song is pretty interesting, as he replaces the tropical house-oriented build-up and EDM drop of the original track with a slower, smoother, piano-driven beat which CaiNo uses to deliver a VERY IMPRESSIVE vocal performance.


With the exception of CaiNo on the album’s penultimate track, Anna is assigned the task of concluding “What We Need” – which she accomplishes in a trifecta of terrific tracks. First, we have “Runaway”, whose adult contemporary radio-friendly production and lyrical passages reminds me of mid-90s-associated R&B/soul acts like Des’ree and Oleta Adams. Up next, Anna delivers one of the best songs on the record with “When I’m With You”, a sexy yet heartfelt tribute to her partner set to a sensual, keyboard and sax-driven beat.  And on the album closer “Take a Chance”, Anna exhibits a noticeably peppy demeanor as, in a continuation of the life-affirming vibe of the title track, she’s given a new lease on life. The eagerness to take the next step into a fulfilling life resonates throughout the track, from Mike’s upbeat instrumental to Anna’s vibrant vocal delivery, both of which help to close the album on a satisfyingly positive note.


As a whole, this was a highly enjoyable jazz/R&B/soul album with versatile, textured production from Mike Di Lorenzo and fantastic lyrical and vocal contributions from his guests. Fans of those three genres will find a lot to appreciate and enjoy here, but for those who’re simply looking for the next great easy-listening record to vibe out to, “What We Need” is exactly what you’re looking for!

Matthew Bailey

This is Matthew Bailey and I am a Trinidadian blogger, podcaster, social media manager, video editor, film festival programming team member, bonafide hip-hop head and all-round film buff. I am the host and owner of the BBB RADIO podcast and YouTube channel respectively, where I talk about movies, music (preferably hip hop) and TV shows.


Jaw-Dropping Radio

Fall in Love with Unforgettable Music

10 alarm fire: Mike Di Lorenzo – “We Don’t Talk Anymore” | Jaw-Dropping Review

June 23, 2022

Someone, grab a fire hose because Mike Di Lorenzo’s new cover featuring Sonna Rele is on fire.

Yes, that’s right, the fresh cover version of “We Don’t Talk Anymore” is blazing hot.

And the bold, powerful remake will engulf your eardrums in flames.

The popular song was released by Charlie Puth, featuring Selena Gomez, in the previous decade.

However, on June 3, 2022, Mike Di Lorenzo unleashed arguably one of the hottest covers for the tune.

— Jaw-Dropping Radio.

And it doesn’t only stand up to the original but may make hardcore music fans in the Smooth Jazz genre say, “Charlie and Selena, who?”

Mike Di Lorenzo created this ground-breaking cover with assistance from Frank Elmo (Tenor Saxophone) and Sonna Rele (Lead and Background Vocals).

  • For those who want to hear a game-changing remake of the pop hit, Mike Di Lorenzo’s version featuring Sonna Rele is the ultimate in music covers.

  • It was created to give the audience an extraordinary Smooth Jazz experience.

  • It is recommended that you stream the song now.

“We Don’t Talk Anymore” opens with a 17-second intro.

While some singing is heard early on, the mind-blowing vocalist doesn’t appear with lyrics until the 18-second mark.

A Voice That Will Make You Cheat on Your Girlfriend

With that said, Sonna Rele makes a grand appearance on the single with a voice that sounds like liquid sex.

Along with intense piano playing from supremely talented composer Mike Di Lorenzo, the captivating vocalist takes the audience on a breathtaking journey through the song.

Oddly, the music production holds back the spectacular Saxophone solo by Frank Elmo until 1:33.

— Jaw-Dropping Radio.

But once the Saxophone takes center stage, it will be well worth the wait.

After thirty seconds, the deeply satisfying singer reappears and takes the song to the next level.

At the end of the tune, the music changes, giving the listener a different vibe.

To hear epic Piano playing, seductive vocals, and an excellent Tenor Saxophone, stream the hot cover “We Don’t Talk Anymore” right now.


June 18, 2022

Today’s spotlight is on the title track of the album, “What We Need”, a rousing original song and composition which features the pristine vocal stylings of Anna Moore.

“What We Need” is a rhythm and blues symposium in all aspects that distinguishes itself prominently with a soulful, swinging instrumentation, jazzy in a form, which captivates your listening senses accentuated by Anna’s rich, velvety textured vocals which envelop you like a blanket. “What We Need” is a remarkable listening experience and displays Mike’s adeptness as a top-notch composer and arranger…. a consummate professional!

The song is a magnificent medley of instruments and melodic phrasing led by an infectious, bubbly grand piano riff and smooth lead saxophone throughout that almost speaks in a musical form. Aside from its phenomenal musical and vocal performance attributes, the lyrical content of “What We Need” must also be applauded for its enlightening and positive messaging.

To me, this song represents embracing the things in life that truly matter and sort of harkening back to the oft used saying “all that glistens is not gold”. Human nature is to be symbolically drawn to such shimmering items; however, value comes in things we often take for granted such as health, family, companionship etc.

 Immerse yourself in all the illuminating musicality and lyrical content that this song and composition provides. Save it to your Favorites Library for quick access and also please make sure to follow Mike’s Spotify profile so you’re up to speed with all his latest music endeavors. Also, make it a point to indulge in the other eclectic selections on the What We Need album project.


May 28,2022

Cinematic audio-design of the most heartfelt and refreshingly original nature – Mike Di Lorenzo blends genres with soulful intentions throughout this thoughtfully alluring new EP.

Beginning with the careful meeting of classical strings and keys with an RnB vocal lead that meanders through softly jazz-kissed scenes of intimacy – Time After Time features sublime layers of voice and a seductive overall progression from quietness to near-euphoric uplift, as the passion and brightness of the arrangement increase.

A gorgeous way to introduce this creatively pure collection, and a sensational listen in itself, which, at almost five minutes in length, really takes the time to set the scene and take listeners down those smokey streets of a simpler era. Joel Kibble’s performance is nothing less than stunning, and more than meets, even enhances, the evolving presence of the soundscape.

Sultry jazz vibes continue with exotic rhythms as Anna Moore delivers What We Need, the EP’s raspy and catchy, soulful and crisp title-track. A personal favourite for its sheer emotional intensity and the effective build up from verse to the satisfying resolve of the hook. Always mixing things up, a little creative production switches gears within, reminding us of the freedom of composition that Di Lorenzo has approached these songs with.

For Let’s Make Our Love Last we get retro bass, nostalgic rhythms, guitars and piano all intertwined and naturally juxtaposed with the simple delicacy of that leading vocal, almost whispered as it slowly rises up through the changing stages of the song.

An easy highlight is the multi-coloured Island Breeze, uplifting or soothing depending on what you need from it, featuring organic sax and retro keys, eighties bass-and-rhythm and freestyle piano-work, all cascading and collaborating throughout a near-four-minute journey that keeps on gifting more and more; more optimism, escapism, hypnotic calm and inspiration. Beautifully crafted, a little like a dream in itself – a personal favourite.

We Don’t Talk Anymore follows on well – reverb-kissed surroundings blend soulful sax, breathy vocals, natural world fragments, keys, and an overall sense of longing and nostalgia that quickly prompts the mind to wander – allowing the song to be the listener’s own, as they meander through their own memories and perhaps regrets. Another favourite.

Closing things down is the purity and power of Runaway, offering drama, confidence, style, funk and a well-placed hit of lightness and possibility at the final hurdle.

Vocally blessed and at the highest possible level, every singer featured on this EP has categorically helped in elevating its natural brightness, appeal, and deeply human quality. Sublime performances all round, and brilliantly interesting arrangements that are equally faultless in musicianship and detail and changing states.

An absolute must-hear, timeless yet aptly suited to the summer season of 2022 for its professionalism and passion so impressively intertwined.

Rebecca Cullen - UK

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

Industry Reviews

Respected Insights


ANNAMOORE - FEB 13, 2022


Joel Kibble1.jpg







SONNAandSAUCE - DEC 19,2021

Hey Mike track is BEAUTIFUL!!!! We really enjoyed building on this. The musicality is amazing.

Hope to do more with you in the near future. :)

Industry Reviews

Respected Insights


author: Scott O'Brien

New York based keyboardist Mike DiLorenzo has created an album that embraces what one critic aptly describes as "...the modern smoothness of today and the staples of the past like the flattering hints of Soul Jazz and CTI." The results to my ear are nothing short of outstanding. this project does a fabulous job of integrating old school with new school, and the results speak impressively for themselves. You'll definitely find BRING IT BACK to be one of your most enjoyable listens of the summer, and it's an album you'll unquestionably want to spend many a season with! Review

Bring It Back.jpg

Mike DiLorenzo is actually composing new music with that classic flavor. What seems like a nostalgia project is actually a continuation of vintage brilliance. DiLorenzo does more than BRING IT BACK; he keeps it relevant.


"A veteran sideman who has performed with musical icons like Bo Diddley and Whitney Houston, DiLorenzo has just released "Bring It Back", an utterly irresistible throwback to the urban grooves of the early 70's. Recalling everything from James Brown-fueled funk to Marvin Gaye-ish soul to Herbie Hancock-styled jazz fusion..." "It's also another example of how flexible jazz music can be, capable of incorporating diverse elements but remaining true to its spirit."


"Mike DiLorenzo is Smooth Jazz at its' highest quality. Makes you wonder why this top-notch musician has not been signed to a recording deal.  ...disc that will win the respect of jazz lovers all round, you have the modern smoothness of today, (Fourplay and Roy Hargrove) and the staples of the past like the flattering hints of the Blue Note and Soul Jazz. URBANIZED is a catchy, melodic and funky record that will satisfy your need to groove. URBANIZED becomes tastier with each listen, if you are fans of early Bob James, David Sanborn, Roy Hargrove or Fourplay, then you will love Mike DiLorenzo." 

Reviewed by Maurice Edwards



"Producer, composer, keyboardist and production specialist Mike Di Lorenzo has conjured up with "Urbanized" a near perfect blend of hypnotically fresh grooves that's coupled with a rapture of sultry and relaxing smooth jazz that's design for those seeking to discover a new voice called "New York Chill" from his own unwavering musical perspective."

Reviewed by Rob Young


"With such experience and expertise one would expect the product to be good and it's all that and more... element that the publicity fails to pick up on is the originality of some of the music and the virtuosity that Mike Di Lorenzo brings to it. The CD is generously endowed with stand out tracks and none more so than "Motified" a groovy number with latin influences rumbling beneath Di Lorenzo's hallmark keyboards... Mike Di Lorenzo seems to have pulled it off and, into the bargain, provided what is most likely to be one of the more engaging releases of 2005.

Reviewed by Denis Poole

mike at trumpets.jpg

The Jazz Artists Network

"I had the priviledge of reviewing an artist who not only surpassed mediocre but a had a dominant uniqueness. I shouldn't have to tell you how difficult that is in the smooth jazz field. will find yourelf playing repeatedly... Di Lorenzo apparently knows how to bring to the jam because his bandmates make you feel like you're on the stage... If you miss this one, you'll be out of the loop."



Naples, FL Music Festival

Brother DiLorenzo is a hidden gem of the organ-ic kind! The man is a master musician. We all know about the gems that are musically out there playing wonderful music in their own hideaway clubs and halls - here's one that has recorded for us so that we can share in the mastery of his chosen instrument. Mike DiLorenzo with Frank Valdes and the other players on this wonderful Cd bring home and fry the bacon to a soulful crisp. Delightful DiLorenzo is the real funk-filled thing. Now . . . I want to hear him on three forthcoming discs. Disc One: "DiLorenzo's tribute to Jimmy McGriff". Disc Two: "DiLorenzo's tribute to Jimmy Smith". Disc Three: "DiLorenzo's tribute to the Great Jazz & Soul Organists". Play on Mike !


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