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"Let the music tell the story"

Mike DiLorenzo has explored everything from R&B and Latin to Jazz and Gospel and everything in between, backing up and recording with a wide range of artists such as Cissy and Whitney Houston and the NJ Mass Choir in such NYC landmarks such as Carnegie Hall and Radio City Music Hall. "While studying classical music, I seemed to be more interested in Santana, Earth, Wind and Fire and Stevie Wonder at the time. Finally it was Herbie Hancock's Headhunters album which got me hooked, and it was that inspiration which has carried me through with my music ever since."
Mike's fist cd "Urbanized" debuted in 2006 was very well received in the smooth jazz market and featured on CD101.9 NY and later on syndication across the country. Many selections were  heard on the 2-time Emmy Awarded Daytime Reality Show "Starting Over".  2011 featured Mike's 2nd cd "Bring It Back" which aired internationally and climbed up JazzWeek's Smooth Album Chart at #12 and Smooth Singles Chart at #9 with his version of "Can't Hide Love".​

Mike’s latest album “What We Need” is co-written with contemporary R&B artist Anna Moore, whose sultry vocal styling can be heard on the title track and other songs along with world-class pop singer and media sensation Sonna Rele. Multi-Grammy Award-winning artist Joel Kibble of the vocal group Take 6 who sings a stellar rendition of the timeless classic “Time After Time”. The album also features exceptional contributions from vocalists Denise Stewart, CaiNo along with Frank Elmo on saxophone.



"Even on the producer's chair, keyboardist Mike Di Lorenzo shines as both a craftsman of sonically irresistible smooth jazz music and a curator of some of the genre's brightest stars on his latest album "What We Need"."

"Mike’s skills in composing superb, mood-inducing music but showcases a few voices in the adult contemporary R&B , jazz, soul and pop worlds well-deserving of greater attention."

Matthew Bailey - BBB Radio

"Mike Di Lorenzo has dropped a modern-day classic with “What We Need”.  Adult Contemporary R&B albums, this vibrant and organic, are already hard to come by, in a somewhat sterile musical environment. To create, record and produce an album that contains such a high level of all-round artistry goes way beyond any expectations."


Vocally blessed and at the highest possible level, every singer featured on this EP has categorically helped in elevating its natural brightness, appeal, and deeply human quality. Sublime performances all round, and brilliantly interesting arrangements that are equally faultless in musicianship and detail and changing states.

An absolute must-hear, timeless yet aptly suited to the summer season of 2022 for its professionalism and passion so impressively intertwined.

 Rebecca Cullen - UK

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4 songs have placed within the Top10 on the Smooth Jazz Singles Chart as decided by their Global Listeners

"When I'm With You", "Let Me Love You", "Island Breeze" and "What We Need" have all been voted for by the Global Listeners


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What We Need - Mike Di Lorenzo

 New Adult Contemporary R&B 

 A 12 Song Vocal Playlist featuring: 

Anna Moore - Sonna Rele - Caino

Joel Kibble (Take 6) - Denise Stewart


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On the dazzling 12-track album, “What We Need”, Mike Di Lorenzo takes his musical virtuosity, and his ear for luscious productions and melts them into an album that’s more soulful than the 60s,  groovier than the 70s, and smoother than the 80’s. Di Lorenzo brings the best of those elements into this 2022 Adult Contemporary R&B recording, which is lavishly littered with eloquent Jazz and Soul flavors. Throughout the album, Di Lorenzo stuns with his dynamic arrangements, where the elegant but intense interplay between the rhythm section, the horns, the strings, and his characteristically creamy keys which subtly rise to the top of the arrangements with its magical harmonic voicings.

Somehow, as if the utterly delectable aforementioned sonic formula was already not enough to absolutely wow audiences, Mike Di Lorenzo then decided to surround himself with a choice selection of supremely superb singers. Among them, R&B singer-songwriter Anna Moore, who also collaborated in the songwriting of 4 songs, coming up with melodies and lyrics on the spot. Also onboard is Pop singer, model and social media sensation, Sonna Rele, with currently over 2.2 million followers on TikTok alone. Her credits include singing the soundtrack theme song for the Disney Movie Cinderella to recording with Ne-Yo.

Jazz and Soul recording veteran Denise Steward, features on the Nancy Wilson classic “Guess Who I Saw Today”, while Joel Kibble of the 10-time Grammy award-winning vocal group Take 6 offers his immense vocal talent on “Time After Time”. Finally, the album also features the contemporary skills of CiaNo, whose voice and productions can be heard throughout network television. All of these artists present a formidable vocal line-up, for what was initially intended to be an instrumental album.


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June 3, 2022


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June 3, 2022


Anna Moore

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If you want to appreciate the wind in your sails, we recommend the famous version of MIKE DI LORENZO, who, together with DENISE STEWART (who has stayed in our memories most pleasantly, at least because of her "Quality Time" with Craig T. Cooper), shows how a classic of jazz history can still sound relevant today, while at the same time honoring tradition." Joerg Schmitt