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What We Need - Mike Di Lorenzo

 New Adult Contemporary R&B 

 A 12 Song Vocal Playlist featuring: 

Anna Moore - Sonna Rele - Caino

Joel Kibble (Take 6) - Denise Stewart


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June 3, 2022


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June 3, 2022


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June 3, 2022

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"Even on the producer's chair, keyboardist Mike Di Lorenzo shines as both a craftsman of sonically irresistible smooth jazz music and a curator of some of the genre's brightest stars on his latest album "What We Need"."

Matthew Bailey - BBB Radio

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Mike Di Lorenzo - “What We Need” (Ft. Anna Moore) SP REVIEWS

Smooth Jazz


What We Need - Album Review


"Mike was able to reach out to artists like singer/rapper CaiNo, R&B singer/songwriter Anna Moore, UK popstar Sonna Rele, jazz/soul singer Denise Stewart and Joel Kibble of the iconic (and childhood-defining for me) acapella group Take 6. The end result is a truly gratifying listening experience that not only highlights Mike’s skills in composing superb, mood-inducing music but showcases a few voices in the adult contemporary R&B , jazz, soul and pop worlds well-deserving of greater attention."

"As a whole, this was a highly enjoyable jazz/R&B/soul album with versatile, textured production from Mike Di Lorenzo and fantastic lyrical and vocal contributions from his guests. Fans of those three genres will find a lot to appreciate and enjoy here, but for those who’re simply looking for the next great easy-listening record to vibe out to, “What We Need” is exactly what you’re looking for!"

Matthew Bailey - Trinidad

BBB Radio Podcast


What We Need - Album Review


"Vocally blessed and at the highest possible level, every singer featured on this EP has categorically helped in elevating its natural brightness, appeal, and deeply human quality. Sublime performances all round, and brilliantly interesting arrangements that are equally faultless in musicianship and detail and changing states.

An absolute must-hear, timeless yet aptly suited to the summer season of 2022 for its professionalism and passion so impressively intertwined."

Rebecca Cullen - UK

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter


Pre-Release Reviews

"Let's Make Our Love Last (feat. Anna Moore)"

Radio Graviola - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Hi Mike, how are you?! This is Val Becker, founder and director of the Radio. What an interesting song. I love the mix of classic R&B with very well scored electronic elements. The vocals are excellent, as is the piano playing. The arrangements put each instrument and element in the right mood. Strings, keyboards, beats and electronic details, all very well orchestrated. The musical production is very good. The piano solos behind the instruments are soft and present at the same time. Overall, a beautiful production. Let's spread the word on our networks and insert it in a special Radio Graviola program. Congratulations on the release. Good luck and success! We are in touch.

mysoundMusic - USA

WOW. WOW. WOW> Singer is AmAzInG!!!! Love her voice. Instrumentation is beautiful. This song is incredible. I will gladly add this to a playlist and share with followers.

Tribe Urban Gospel - Paris, France

Thanks for sharing us this nice track, we love it, it will be a pleasure to share it on a playlist. Good continuation!


"What We Need (feat. Anna Moore)"


PlaylistCamps - UK

"Hello there sir/ma'am,  I checked your track out and it is really amazing what you are doing. The entire composition of your track is a great master piece. We believe there's more in the bag for you. Keep doing what you're doing and we'll also be available anytime to push you forward. We would like to help promote your track on our playlists, and of course our website. We'll also be granting you interviews for our site, thank you."

Maah Music - Rio, Brazil

"Hey how's it going? what a wonderful and moving song. I loved it, it made me think about life and smile too. I'm sure the audience at SPCULT festival will love its sound and new music. We'll publish it on spcult and I'll send you the link soon."

PlaylistFactor - Italy

"Hello, nice track. We really enjoyed the authentic songwriting and the beautiful vocals here. The song certainly fits our “Relaxing Music” Spotify Playlist! We’ll add your song for at least 1 week to start! Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work!"

Tinnitist - Canada

“Thanks for your submission. I'll add your track to my Tinnitist Top 200 playlist and/or include it in a roundup post on my site soon and share with my 500,000+ followers.  I'll send you the confirmation and a link when it's done. Cheers"


Live in Ghent, Belgium

July 2019, pre-Cxxxd


Musician Info

Let the Music Tell the Story

Trained classically on the piano at an early age, Mike DiLorenzo has moved on and explored everything from R&B and Latin to Jazz and Gospel and everything in between, backing up and recording with a wide range of artists in the New York area. "While studying classical music, I seemed to be more interested in Santana, Earth, Wind and Fire and Stevie Wonder at the time. Finally it was Herbie Hancock's Headhunters album which got me hooked, and it was that inspiration which has carried me through with my music ever since."
In addition to his love for jazz, Mike has performed with a wide range of artists including Whitney Houston, Cissy Houston and the grammy-award winning NJ Mass Choir, Gerald Alston, Regina Belle to Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry, to name a few. He has performed with both the North Carolina and Delaware Symphonies and has appeared at NYC legendary landmarks including Carnegie Hall, Radio City Music Hall, Madison Square Garden, the Blue Note and the Apollo Theater. 

Mike's fist cd "Urbanized" debuted in 2006 was very well received in the smooth jazz market and featured on CD101.9 NY and later on syndication across the country. Many selections were  heard on the 2-time Emmy Awarded Daytime Reality Show "Starting Over".  2011 featured Mike's 2nd cd "Bring It Back" which aired internationally and climbed up JazzWeek's Smooth Album Chart at #12 and Smooth Singles Chart at #9 with his version of "Can't Hide Love".​



 Newfoundland, NJ 07435

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